Sport brings people together and this week in the Dordogne, both the European Football Championship and a local rugby bought the French and British together even more.

Many bars across France organised big outdoor screens to accommodate local interest in the football and it was good to see the French and British supporting each other, having lots of fun together and forging new friendships between them.

It was also a great week in my home town as many people celebrated the 120th birthday of the local rugby club. In my opinion, Eymet receives a lot of unfair bad press for being a centre for Brits who don’t mix with the French. How untrue it is and this weekend showed the reality of what life is really like here. The French helped us celebrate our football win and we danced the night away at their Bodega. Here is a a photo and video. Enjoy!

Note: Please don’t be offended if I didn’t mention your nationality. The Brits are not the only foreigners who have made the Dordogne their home but they are the majority. To everyone else, you are not forgotten but I can’t mention you all!

Two Frenchmen enjoying the British football win

French and British having fun together at the rugby club Bodega in Eymet