Oh how I have been enjoying my French lifestyle in the Dordogne this week! Nothing major, just wandering, meandering, browsing, relaxing, taking photos and simply soaking up the charm of this beautiful part of France. Two days out to visit Monpazier and Le Bugue. Therefore, this week’s post is mostly visual and I hope you enjoy.

Picturesque alleyway in Monpazier


Monpazier is a medieval bastide town in the Dordogne. It is classed as one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France and is absolutely charming.

Last Sunday morning my partner and I were pleasantly surprised to find an antique fair on in the central square at Monpazier. It was definately worth a wander as I found a shabby chic chair in exactly the colour I had been looking for, for my little garden in the middle of my town house.

While we sat in the square watching the world go, we decided to prolong the moment and stayed for a brunch of rustic style Croque Monsieur made with fresh seeded bread and delicious ham, served with a salad. I’m not normally a fan of Croque Monsieur but this one was different and very good.


After lunch we made our way to the hippodrome nearby to watch the horse racing, or rather, trotting. These countryside events only take place a few times during the summer and you are sure to be the only English people there.

Trotting is populare in the south of the Dordogne

Le Bugue

I also visited the town of Le Bugue which is on the river Vézère in the Dordogne. I have been to Le Bugue once before, a long time ago, but because I focused on the river and the market (Tuesday), I completely missed the old part of the town. This time, I took the time to wander and enjoy the town’s hidden.

Monpazier and Le Bugue are two towns in the Dordogne worth visiting. Monpazier feels like it is in the middle of nowhere but you can also explore nearby Château de Biron. It’s a great castle and host to classical music concerts in the summer. And there are loads of things to do close to Le Bugue such as Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac, Le Parc du Bournat and the Aquarium.

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