As I go about my life in the Dordogne, I am endlessly wondering “what’s the French word for that?” I always forget to write them down so this week I started making a list of useful French vocabulary for June.

It’s such a beautiful time of the year with nature at its very best. The fields around us are full of crops growing and ripening in the sun. Due to the extreme heat, certain harvests have already started. So my list is to do with cereals.

Useful French vocabulary for June

Wheat – le Blé

Barley – l’Orge (mf)

Corn – le Mais

Sunflower – le Tournesol

Rape seed – le Colza

Soya – le Soja

harvest – le moisson

crop – la récolte

the weather – le temps

weather conditions – les conditions météo/météorologiques/climatiques