Have you ever wanted to sail but sailing on the sea feels a little scary with the waves and currents? if so, then sailing on the river Dordogne could be the answer. At Mauzac et Grand Castang near Tremolat there is a sailing club on the river.

On a day out during the spring, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the sailing club at Mauzac et Grand Castang. It was a beautiful afternoon with a gentle breeze – the perfect weather conditions for enjoying a Sunday afternoon’s sail on the river. It was quite busy too.

We had a stroll along the river front where you can also view the nearby dam and fish ladder.

The club is open at the weekends from March until November and during the afternoons by appointment.

There appeared to be a good selection of boats that you can hire to sail for pleasure or use to perfect your sailing competition skills. I also spotted a catamaran or two. There are also events such as stand-up paddle boarding. The club has a gite right on the waterfront.

There is a small café on the water front and parking is by the SNCF bridge as the village is tiny.