Years ago, I spent many hours walking the streets of the old part of Bergerac, including the rue des Remparts, waiting for my daughter while she was in her ballet class. I must admit, I did get a bit fed up with the town sometimes and it was usually on a dark, cold and rainy winter’s evening when all the shops were closing. Believing I had seen everything a million times over, I think I got to the point where I just didn’t see the beauty in the town anymore.

Twenty years later, I am back doing it again (daughter all grown up) and this time with a refreshed, new view of the town. I thought I knew Bergerac like the back of my hand but this time I am looking so much closer and seeing so much more. Bergerac is a beautiful town that has an amazing history and I am looking forward to discovering even more.

Whilst wondering around Bergerac last week, I found myself in the rue des Remparts and saw this building which I think is not only cute but interesting in the fact that it has a lot going on: stonework, arched gate, half-timbered walls and the smallest pigeonnier I have ever seen. Tucked away in the old part of town, it looked like it was on a miniature scale.