Last Saturday I was in Bergerac for the morning market and tried out a tiny restaurant in the rue des Fontaines in the old part of the town, Quai 24.

The menu on the board outside of Quai 24 has French on one side and English on the other which makes it easier to decide whether to stay or move on. We were tempted immediately.

Inside, the restaurant is modern and minimalist. We got there at midday and already one table had been taken. Within 15 mins, the place was full. We calculated only 16 covers. Drinks were swiftly ordered and brought to the table along with the menu.

The menu du jour was 21 € for two courses and 26 € for three. We chose scallops with coconut cream and beef Carpaccio with parmesan shavings. For the main course, I went for the pork tenderloin with mushrooms and thyme and my partner chose rib steak with pepper sauce. The portion sizes were just enough and we kept to our promise of only having desserts occasionally, so skipped it this time although the choices did look good (panna cotta with a mango coulis or a type of brioche or apple tart).

The service was good (considering it was just the chef and a waitress) and the food…well! What can I say? Quai 24 is one of the many small restaurants in the Dordogne that only use fresh produce. The flavours of the food served at Quai 24 were absolutely delicious and the meal was really good value for money.

I have to say that I am definitely hooked on this type of dining out and will be looking for more restaurants like this. I would definitely recommend Quai 24!