Last week I published a short quiz to test your knowledge of the Dordogne and here are the answers which could provide you with ideas for days out this winter.

  • Which famous Dordogne resident was linked to The Rainbow Tribe?
  • Joséphine Baker

Joséphine Baker was an American-born French dancer, singer and actress. Her career was centred in Europe, mostly in her adopted France. Joséphine adopted twelve orphans from different ethnic origins and they became her Rainbow Tribe. There is so much to learn about Joséphine Baker’s colourful life and her château in the Dordogne is well worth a visit.

It’s best to go on a dry day as the gardens are impressive too.

Nearest main town – Sarlat.

  • What cave in the Dordogne is Robot the dog linked to?
  • Lascaux

In 1940, some boys were playing on a hillside near Montignac and their dog, Robot, disappeared down a hole. Going down the hole to rescue him, the boys discovered the Lascaux Cave where the walls were covered in artworks created by Palaeolithic inhabitants.

A fantastic place to visit in the Dordogne and a good place for a rainy day.

Nearest main town – Montignac.


  • Where is the Dordogne’s most famous truffle market?
  • Sorges

Sorges is a small village in the Dordogne north-east of Périgueux. It is known for its truffles and has an interesting ecomuseum dedicated to the history and cultivation of the black diamond of the Dordogne.

I would say go on a good day weatherwise when the market is on.

Nearest main town – Périgueux.


  • What two-letter word gives the famous Monbazillac wine its particular characteristic?
  • Noble Rot

Noble rot is a form of grey fungus affecting wine grapes. It requires moist conditions followed by drier conditions to make the grapes partially raisined. This is the point where the infestation is called Noble rot. Grapes picked at this time produce the sweet, white Monbazillac wine which is world famous. The Château de Monbazillac has an interesting wine museum.

Good for a rainy day as you can have a walk around the castle too.

Nearest main town – Bergerac.


  • Where would you find the remains of a Gallo-Roman residence housed in a modern building in the Dordogne?
  • Vesunna, Périgueux

The Vesunna museum at Périgueux presents the remains of a Gallo-Roman dwelling in the Roman town of Périgueux. The museum is housed in a modern glass building and is easy to navigate. Vesunna was a Celtic Goddess.

Everything is inside here so a good one to save for a rainy day.


  • What abbey in the Dordogne became part of the pilgrim route to Saint Jacques de Compostelle in Spain?
  • Cadouin

Cadouin Abbey is a Cistercian Abbey. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cloisters are particularly beautiful and well worth a wander.

As Le Buisson de Cadouin village is worth a walk around too, I would wait for a dry day to do this.

Nearest main towns – Bergerac and Sarlat.


  • Which tiny Dordogne village is home to 14th century bread oven complete with wooden pigeonnier?
  • Urval

Urval is a small village in the south of the Dordogne, near Siorac-en-Périgord. It has a unique communal bread oven that is fired up in August as part of the village’s summer festival.

You definitely need dry weather for this.

Nearest main town – Sarlat.


  • Which Dordogne town has a potato dish named after it?
  • Sarlat

Sarlat is one of the Dordogne’s famous towns and home to many a film set. The town is very picturesque but absolutely choc-a-bloc in the summer. I have always preferred it in the winter with its Saturday morning market in the medieval square.

Pommes Sarladaise are slices of potato cooked in duck fat with garlic until they are crispy and golden then sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Save this for dry winter weather.


  • Where was the snowy street scene in the film “Chocolat” filmed in the Dordogne?
  • Beynac

Beynac is classed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is situated on the banks of the river Dordogne and boasts a medieval castle. It is one of the cobbled streets that features in the film “Chocolat” where Vianne and Anouk climb the street in snowy weather conditions. Beynac can be quiet in the winter but on a sunny winter’s day there is normally a café open on the riverside.

Save for a dry day.

Nearest main town – Sarlat.


  • Where would you find Le Cloître de Récollets in the Dordogne?
  • Bergerac

Bergerac is one of the most important towns in the Dordogne, especially for the local wine industry. At the quay in the historic part of the town you will find the Maison des Vins and just behind is the very attractive Cloître de Récollets courtyard. In the summer months you will come across all sorts of events; in the winter it is quiet but Bergerac itself is still worth a visit. Market days are Wednesday and Saturday which are probably the liveliest days to visit in the winter and when you are more likely to find a restaurant serving the traditional Confit de Canard with Pommes Sarlardaise washed down with a glass of Bergerac red for lunch.

Save for a dry day.