L’Eschif in Périgueux is pretty impressive. It is situated down by the river and not far from the cathedral.

Built in 1347, L’Eschif was a lookout post in the Middle Ages for what was then a toll bridge (Tournepiche bridge) on the river Isle. It was built on the remparts of the city of Périgueux, just a few hundred metres from the Saint-Front Cathedral. This part of the town is a protected area.

Wattle and Daub

In 1860 the remparts were destroyed so all we see now is the oak timber frame building with wattle and daub infill supported by oak struts standing on its own.

In 1929, L’Eschif in Périgueux was classed as an historic monument. Address: 9 Boulevard Georges-Saumande, Périgueux.

Périgueux is the Dordogne’s capital and has other important buildings such as the Saint-Front cathedral and the tower of Vesunna which is a vestige of a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Vesunna. Vesunna was the Gallo-Roman name for Périgueux.

In the old town there is a good market on Saturday mornings and I love the indoor food market in the centre of town. The narrow cobbled streets with little boutiques and restaurants are a must. As the two main shoe shops!

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