Delphine Simon-Dumarchat is a woman who understands how difficult it can be to lose a pet. After losing her precious Cali, an idea was born to start up a business to offer something that she thought was lacking for broken-hearted pet owners. Le Sanctuaire des 4 Pattes offers bereaved pet owners a personal way to bury, pay homage to and keep the spirit alive of their beloved animals.

Delphine decided to leave her job and was soon learning how to make small coffins out of Beech and Oak wood sourced in France. She added hand-painted urns to her range as well as personalised shrines and candles.

“There is a demand all over France for my products,” says Delphine, “especially the coffins. Owners want something unique because their pet is unique. Demand is growing as owning a pet that is part of the family has been growing in France”.


This January, Le Sanctuaire des 4 Pattes opened a cemetery for animals nestled in a peaceful forest at Saint Astier, near Périgueux. The cemetery is the only one of its kind in the Dordogne and has approximately 1200 places. It features a memory garden and will eventually have a columbarium. Any animal weighing less than 40 kgs is accepted. A place in the cemetery can be reserved in advance and costs 50 € per year.

Being qualified as a Master of Ceremony (for humans) * makes Delphine legally able to offer a ceremony at the time of burial which gives owners the chance to say thank you for all the happiness and love that their pets gave them.

A support service in the form of conferences and meetings is also available via Le Sanctuaire des 4 Pattes for those grieving the loss of an animal.

*This is the only training required.

A personalised spelling for an owners little deceased dog

Delphine Simon-Dumarchat

Cimetière des animaux

Chemin du Zalat

24110 Saint Astier

Tél: 07 87 15 98 07

Photos credited to Le Sanctuaire des 4 Pattes