Just north of Thenon, in the commune of Brouchaud, is one of the natural wonders of the Périgord, Le Puits de Bontemps.

Le Puits de Bontemps looks like any normal well in the summer. However, after a period of heavy rain, this artesian well becomes geyser-like and spouts thousands of litres of underground water a minute.

When the underground water table becomes too high, pressure builds and the water is evacuated via the well. The underground water also feeds other springs situated along the same stream. But despite research, specialists have not been able to ascertain the origin of the water.

It’s impressive to see and the force of the water is loud!

Le Puits de Bontemps

24210 Limeyrat

Situated on the D68, just north of the A89 motorway, between Périgueux and Terrasson.

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