For any booklover, the idea of indulging oneself and browsing the shelves of a bookshop is something to be relished. So, you might be interested to know that there is a charming little, indpendent bookshop in Eymet, La Mauvaise Herbe, that sells both French and English books and offers very friendly service.

La Mauvaise Herbe belongs to the Association des Librairies Indépendantes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine (LINA) which promotes independent bookshops of which there are 140 in the region. The shop has a stock of approximately 5,000 brand new books that span all normal bookshop categories. The majority of books are French but there is also an area dedicated to English books.

Passionate about books, the shop’s owner, Sara, is very welcoming and smiley. “The welcome I offer to my customers is very important,” says Sara, “as is the level of service. I can advise, find information out for my customers and can take orders.”

La Mauvaise Herbe

is an independent bookshop where you can read,

laugh, share and meet with others!

More than just a bookshop

But La Mauvaise Herbe is more than just a bookshop. From February to November, Sara organises approximately three events a month which can include reading workshops, readings, author visits and concerts. At the back of the shop there is a fireplace with a large armchair at its side and I’ve sometimes walked past early evening and caught a glimpse of a group of people sitting around the fireplace completely enthralled by the story-teller.

I asked Sara why a bookshop and why Eymet? “I’ve always wanted to own my own bookshop,” she says, “I worked in bookshops in Périgueux and Bergerac and saw a gap in the market in Eymet. There was already a second-hand bookshop here so I was not setting up in direct competition with anyone. Eymet is very dynamic with a cultural centre, library and cinema, concerts and festivals in the summer, but no bookshop. Since opening 18 months ago, it has worked well.”

Translated books

One area that Sara wants to develop is not only English books, but those either translated from English to French or the other way round so that she can sell copies in both languages. “This is an interesting area for me that I would like to develop,” she says “and I have a few already.”