La Maison Forte de Reignac, the strangest castle in the Périgord. Is it a cave? Is it a manor house? Is it a castle?

Built into the cliff face high above the Vézère river, La Maison Forte de Reignac is quite extraordinary because it is all three.

Looking up from the car park, the castle has a quiet, mysterious air about it. In fact, many say it is haunted.

In prehistoric times, the site would have been a cave used for shelter.

Over time, it has been added to and become much more. What you see from the outside is a 14th century construction. Inside the site is made up of corridors, staircases and a labyrinth of rooms that display life in the Middle Ages and the Lord who presided over the land. There is also a museum dedicated to prehistory. A space dedicated to torture in the Middle Ages is set apart from the main circuit inside the castle and is out of bounds to children. I’m afraid that’s not for me!

La Maison Forte was inhabited until the middle of the 19th century after which it was abandoned for 50 years before being restored and opened to the public in 2006. Today it is classed as one of France’s Monument Historique.

La Maison Forte de Reignac

Tursac en Dordogne

No need to reserve, carpark nearby. Don’t miss the neighbouring troglodyte village of La Madeleine and La Roque Saint Christophe.