I love Gisserot books that focus on everything French. They are well presented, illustrated with good photos and drawings, informative and educational. They are not too long, not too big and not at all expensive.

Years ago, when the children were growing up in France, I bought a book called Histoire de France published by Gisserot-Jeunesse (Editions Jean-Paul Gisserot). Only 60 pages long and beautifully illustrated, it covers the most poignant points in France’s history. It turned out to be a go-to book for both the children and myself for many years. And I still have it!

Whilst wondering around a tourist office in the Dordogne recently, to my delight, I saw other books by the same publisher and so I bought a few more.

Editions Gisserot is a French publishing house producing a wide range of books in the following categories: France’s culture, ecology, environment, health, food, history, sealife, nature, regions and history of art, all in French. They also publish fiction and translated versions of the originals. There are many books about the Dordogne.

These books are interesting and a brilliant resource. I use them as reference material all the time and would highly recommend them.

The books that I have range from 3 to 5 euros. Others can be a little bit more but not by much.

Looking at their website, there didn’t seem to be many books about the Dordogne translated into English although I did spot one on Lascaux. Having said that, the French is easy to understand.