This week I started making a list of flowers in France to add to my useful French vocabulary for July.

Summer flowers in France

  • A Poppy                            une Coquelicot
  • Lavender                           la Lavande
  • A Cornflower                    un Bleuet
  • A Sunflower                     un Tournesol
  • A Lily                                 un Lys
  • An Orchid                         une Orchidée
  • A Camellia                        un Camélia
  • A Geranium                      un Géranium
  • A Carnation                      un Œillet
  • A Petunia                          un Pétunia

I just love driving along the country lanes on a hot summer’s day with the windows open. Everywhere you look there are vineyards and sunflower fields.

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