Full of timeless articles about our region accompanied by great photography, read all about these Dordogne magazines. I like to keep them on the coffee table and pick one up every now and again to have a read. And even if you think your French isn’t up to it, you can still look at the pictures!

Four Dordogne magazines to take a look at

Itinérances En Vallée de la Dordogne

The latest edition (Spring 2024) of Itinérances En Vallée de la Dordogne is all about the river Dordogne itself from its source in the Massif de Sancy to becoming a small river (une rivière) that crosses the Mont-Dore and Cantal before transforming into a larger river (un fleuve) on its way to Bordeaux. The magazine is packed full of articles about history and traditions linked to the river, interviews with those passionate about it plus current sustainable projects. There is so much to read that totally inspires me to visit the places written about.

Photo Credit: Itinerances

Secrets de Pays

The latest edition of Secrets de Pays (1er semester 2024 – No 23) is all about the important religious culture in the Dordogne. The large array of religious buildings in our region – cloisters, abbeys, churches, chapels and even cathedrals – reflect several architectural styles and the Dordogne’s rich history. Many of the buildings in the Dordogne are classed as monuments historiques and some are part of UNESCO, such as the abbey at Cadouin.

Photo credit: Secrets de Pays/Pierre Boitrel


Famosa is all about women in the Périgord. Why do women come from other parts of France to start a new life and set up in business in the Dordogne? This colourful magazine is packed full of interviews with women who have done just that from Marine Faure who left a career in Law in Bordeaux to set up a cheese shop in Neuvic and Sandrine Plancke from Lille who chose Jumilhac-Le-Grand as a base for her podcast business.

Photo credit: Famosa/Les Nouvelles filles de la campagne

L’Édition Périgord

L’Édition Périgord is for lovers of Le Périgord. The latest edition (April 2024) features an article on the popular town of Eymet plus lots more…art, culture, places to visit, what’s on and a few recipes. There’s also a small, interesting section on a local business. The magazine is colourful and well presented.

Photo credits L’Edition Perigord/Frederic Lemont

In addition to reading all about Dordogne magazines, you might also be interested in Le Puits de Bontemps.