This week Dordogne-life is one year old so Happy Birthday to me!


It has been an amazing year at Dordogne-life. Since its launch, I have visited some beautiful sites, had some memorable experiences, met some fantastic people and done lots of writing.

Dordogne-life web site

Some people don’t realise that my blog is actually a website. Professional websites like mine take a lot of work. They need to be regularly populated with interesting content and their presence on the internet needs to maintained and updated constantly. With 133 posts so far, it’s been hard work but I have learnt so much about blogging and had a lot of fun.

Beavering away at Dordogne-life


With a philosophy of “Buy local. Buy what’s in season. Buy fresh.”, the mylittledordognekitchen food page of Dordogne-life has been well received. There appears to be a lot of you out there that feel the same way as I do. If you are lucky enough to live in the Dordogne, you will appreciate how refreshing and rewarding it is to go to a market or a local farm to see what you can buy that day and use your culinary magic to turn it into something delicious.

Poulet au Verjus is a Dordogne favourite

Since launching Dordogne-life, I have added a directory of restaurants and associations plus a natural environment page. I have also started a Dordogne Faces page which I absolutely love. But then, who doesn’t like a smiling face?

In terms of local support, Dordogne-life has collaborated with three important players in Dordogne tourism sector:, and

In the last 28 days, the website had 371 new visitors, which is amazing.

Dordogne-life has a constantly growing number of subscribers to the weekly newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to subscribe. It’s not long, just points you to the latest week’s blogs.

371 new visitors to Dordogne-life in the last 28 days

Dordogne-life on social media

Social media has proven invaluable in helping drive traffic to Dordogne-life. The most liked photo on my Instagram page “Dordogneblog” has been, without doubt, the interview I gave with the Sud Ouest newspaper. This is closely followed by photos of Sarlat and Belvès. I already have 842 followers on Instagram.

On Facebook, Dordogne-life has a dedicated page with the same name and is where I post regularly. I also post on group pages that I follow. I was chuffed to bits that my photo of Sarlat received 818 likes on the South, West & Rest of France group page!

The post on LinkedIn about Bergerac airport was shared by the airport itself and had 1078 impressions followed closely by my post on Sarlat which received 784.

Beautiful Sarlat

The year ahead for Dordogne-life

This year, Dordogne-life has gone from strength to strength. So, looking to the year ahead, I am planning to carry on as I am, albeit constantly aiming at improving my work. I’ll be developing the Learn French page further with French for Intermediates and I’ll be expanding on the mylittledordordognekitchen section. The Dordogne is such a great place to live and there is so much to write about. I will never ever have to time to write about everything I would like to.

I am hoping that people will be starting to appreciate that Dordogne-life is a great asset to life in the Dordogne and that, because of this, they will have the confidence to start advertising on the blog. Please see the advertising page on the blog. You can advertise for as little as 60 € a year, that’s just 5 € a month for Dordogne-focused advertising.

I have included a few links to some of the most popular blogs on Dordogne-life.

A growing number of subscribers to Dordogne-life's weekly newsletter

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