The unfinished Louvre of the Périgord

Château de Lanquais is situated near Bergerac and has an interesting mix of architectural styles with a 14th century fortified castle attached to what resembles a 16th century Renaissance palace. Because of some similarities with the architecture of Le Louvre in Paris, it is often referred to as the unfinished Louvre of the Périgord

Catherine de Médicis’ “flying squadron”

Château de Lanquais also has an interesting history. The beautiful Isabelle de Limeuil was born in the castle. At 16 years old she was sent to the court of the queen, Catherine de Médicis, to become one of the famous “l’Escadron volant” (flying squadron). The flying squadron was a group of approximately 80 ladies who were spies for the queen and used their charm and sexuality to gain power over men, all with the end goal of maintaining power for the queen. Isabelle’s role was to seduce the Prince de Condé in order to placate him during the turbulent wars of religion as he was a prostestant.

Château de Lanquais is open to visit until the end of September (2-6pm). Closed on Tuesdays. Open Les Journées de Patrimoine on the 16 and 17 September.