The recent farmers’ protests have certainly reminded me how important it is to buy locally-produced food in the Dordogne and only what is in season. So last week I committed to buying a panier of locally-grown organic vegetables (and eventually fruit) once a week and off I went on Friday afternoon to collect it from a farm a few kilometres away from where I live.

Exactly what you find in the panier every week is a surprise and this time it was full of vibrant, natural colours and imperfect shapes: 2 medium-sized leeks, a large brown paper bag of spinach, 1 round, black radish, 2 medium-sized turnips, about 10 small carrots, 3 onions, 2 parsnips and about 7 Grenailles potatoes. The quantity was just about the right size for two people, all for 11 euros. I was chuffed to bits and got cooking using some of the spinach and potatoes straightaway to add to a curry that I cooked in the slow cooker. I then made a curried roast parsnip and coconut soup (see my recipe on the mylittledordognekitchen page in the coming days along with an idea for using black radish).

Fortunately, there are numerous farms that provide vegetable and fruit crates in the Dordogne. Some you collect, others can deliver. There are no plastic containers and next week I’ll be taking the crate back when I go to collect my next one.

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