I recently had lunch at Aux cèpes enchantés which is a small restaurant in the historic part of Bergerac. I didn’t book but arrived early which was just as well as the restaurant soon filled up. I’ve walked past this restaurant before in the summer when there are tables set out on the terrace opposite under the shade of a big tree which looks very pleasant.

I decided to go simple and chose half a magret de canard with a blue cheese sauce, chips and salad. The duck was beautifully cooked, all crispy on the outside and pink on the inside. The salad dressing was obviously made with a good quality olive oil as it was delicious. The sauce was presented separately in a little pot and the chips were the best I’ve ever had as they were served with a persillade (chopped parsley and garlic). All in all, the meal was very tasty, the service was good and I’d say it was good value for money.

23 rue de l’ancien pont

24100 Bergerac

Tel: 05 53 58 05 04



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