Tucked away in the rue Sainte-Catherine behind the church in the centre of Bergerac, is a brand-new shellfish and crustacean boutique run by a dynamic young lady called Margaux, Aux Perles de Margaux.

Aux Perles de Margaux sells a range of shellfish and crustaceans plus you will often see Dorado, Tuna and Salmon plus crabs, giant prawns, mussels, oysters and lobsters on the counter. In addition to this the boutique sells potted Sardines, Rillettes d’huîtres or Maquereaux and Soupe de Poisson on the conserve shelf.

Margaux is no stranger to her subject. Growing up in Arcachon, her father is an oyster farmer and taught her everything she knows about shellfish and crustaceans. On a trip to the Dordogne, she fell in love with Bergerac and dreamt of opening up her own business there. After some research, she knew that there was a gap in the market and finally opened her fish boutique in March this year.

“With only one fish shop in the town,” says Margaux, “I could see a gap in the market and am the only one that sells shellfish and crustaceans too.”

With three tables on the small terrace at the front of the shop, customers are able to taste the delicious food “sur place”. When I went to interview Margaux, she was sautéing bright coloured peppers, shallots and garlic in a large pan in preparation for the lunchtime service. “I do everything here myself”, she says adding a huge basket of shellfish to the pan. Other dishes on offer, depending on the catch of the day, include Lotte à l’Amoricaine and Paella.

Large shellfish and crustacean platters are available to order for special occasions.

There is also a small collection of natural beauty products made from the powder collected from ground oyster shells.

Aux Perles de Margaux is perfectly situated in a small quartier in the rue Sainte-Catherine where you will also find a traditional butcher, cheese, wine, cake and chocolate shops.

Restauration is available at lunchtimes and Sunday mornings.

Market day: Wednesday and Saturday