Hello and welcome to my dordogne-life.com blog.

This blog is dedicated to (wait for it!) life in the Dordogne. Think of it as an online, Dordogne-specific, lifestyle magazine that focuses on a variety of interesting aspects of local life as well as including useful information. What the blog is not, is a newspaper.

We are all busy people so it’s not a blog that will bombard you with several posts a day. Two or three times a week is enough, in my opinion. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive an email once a week with a digest of the latest posts.

Every week I post articles on what is going on in the Dordogne and places to visit or leisure activities. The blog also features interviews with local people, different vineyards in the Bergerac wine region, local specialities and recommended restaurants and accommodation. Writing these features means that I’ve been out there and talking to all sorts of both French and English-speaking people, something that I just love doing.

There is a section on beginner’s French will which eventually evolve into intermediate French. 

I have links out to useful information and other sites from most features that I post.

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The blog is written from my home in the Dordogne.